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Specialized Painting Company Inc. is a full service architectural and protective coating contractor certified WBE, DVBE and SBE. Founded in 1992 by Jeffrey Gurzi and Incorporated in 1997, Specialized Painting has shared a commitment in providing the best quality and value to our clients and project owners.
We service the public and private sector throughout California specializing in commercial, government and public works. We can provide color imaging to see what your project will look like in any color before painting begins. This is just one of the many services we offer.

Successful projects start with accurate estimates. The company's size, expertise and resources enable us to cater to clients' needs more efficiently and complete jobs on schedule. You will find that all of our employees are ready, well trained and eager to meet all scheduling demands. Our projects are completed using careful surface preparation, state-of-the-art equipment and application techniques, plus the latest and highest quality paints and coating materials available. All of our work is guaranteed, and we are fully covered with workers' comp and liability insurance.

At Specialized Painting Company we changed our procedures in acquiring plans in order to minimize the cost of printing and shipping for both our customers and ourselves. We download our own plans in no time, allowing our estimating department to bid approximately 30 projects per week.

We are family-owned and we continue to paint all sizes of projects. Our projects include: Government, Commercial, Public Works, Food Service, Institutional and Residential. Simply put, wherever you live, work, play, shop or relax, we paint.

Please visit our gallery throughout this website and see our partial list of clients. We are proud of our history of services and of the many satisfied clients that continue to use Specialized Painting Company, Inc.

• All of the remaining paint, wash water and solvents received from jobsites are recycled.
• No discharge of hazardous materials into sewer.
• We are equipped with a printer that can print any size plans. This change had immensely reduced office paper waste.
• Proud to use Vista Paint Green products Earthcoat.

Safety is a survival issue at Specialized Painting. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and our clients. Our Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We have developed our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) with the intent of reducing accidents and illnesses. The Company allocates funds yearly for improving safety within our organization. We are committed to a policy of safety first and foremost before productivity or profit.

SPCI is member of these fine organizations:

Western Motor Sports
Specialized is proud to
sponsor Western Motor Sports

Jeffrey Gurzi, President
Jeffrey Gurzi, Vice President

"I am extremely proud of the efficiency of my team, in providing documents such as insurance certificates, waivers, releases, certified payroll in a timely manner, but most of all their professionalism—If choosing our company for your next project I personally guarantee
your utmost satisfaction."

John Gurzi, VP Estimator
John Gurzi, VP Estimator

"The staff at Specialized Painting is comprised mainly of long-time employees, many of whom have been with us over 17 years. We value our employees and think of them not as workers, but
as our largest company asset."

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